Copyright  Washington County Shooting Club. All rights reserved.

Copyright  Washington County Shooting Club. All rights reserved.



1.  Find log book and sign in:  with date, time, member number, names of all guest and license number of your vehicle. If you are found on the range and not signed in you will have your membership SUSPENDED for 30 days the second time it will be CANCELLED.  If you have not returned the WAIVER find one in the mailbox and sign it.

2.  Firearm Safety First!  Every shooter has the personal responsibility to make sure that each bullet fired impacts safely into the berm.  Every Member has a DUTY to prevent and report violations and unsafe acts to Club Management.  Shooters are responsible for cooperating to run a SAFE and EFFICENT Range.  IF YOU SHOOT UP THE RED POST YOU WILL PAY TO REPLACE THEM!!

3.  This is a HOT Range.  All Firearms are to be treated as LOADED at all times!  Do not allow the MUZZLE to cover yourself or others at any time!  KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE ON TARGET.  All members will bring their own targets they will be PAPER and posted on target holder.  Shooting at Glass or Metal containers that will cause ricochets will get you suspended for 30 days.  Members with a valid Concealed Handgun License may proceed from their vehicle to the firing line “Concealed and loaded and Holstered”. 

4.  Firearms will not be loaded until they are on the FIRING LINE AND POINTED DOWN RANGE!  When Firearms are not on the line they will be cased or placed in the Rifle Racks with the ACTIONS OPEN.  

5.  Insurance requires that all persons on the range use EYE and HEARING Protection when on the property.  No Food or Drinks can be consumed on the firing line. Children under 8 may not shoot on the range at any time.

6.  Range HOURS are 8:00AM to Sunset 7 days a week all shooting must cease at sunset not when “IT IS TOO DARK TO SEE”.  Access to the Range is gained through the main gate members will receive the lock combination on their membership cards.  Parking will be in the designated parking Area.  At this time there are no animals on the property and the gate can be left open when entering but MUST BE LOCKED BY THE LAST MEMBER LEAVING. 

7.  Know where other shooters are at all times.  Before anyone goes forward of the FIRING LINE all actions must be OPEN and firearms completely UNLOADED.  No firearms shall be handled when anyone is forward of the firing line.  Anyone can call “CEASE FIRE” at any time there is an unsafe condition on the range.

8.  Members under the age of 18 (Associates or Juniors) and guest of any age may fire on the range only when under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of a MEMBER.  The MEMBER cannot shoot while a guest is shooting.  Adult members may supervise Juniors while shooting in groups (4-H or Boy Scouts).  

9.  No Armor Piercing or Tracer ammo will be allowed on the range.  .50 BMG Rifles are restricted to Saturday between 12:00 and 2:00pm.  Anyone causing any damage to RANGE EQUIPMENT or facilities shall be personally and monetarily liable for such damage.  The HOST Member is liable for damage caused by a guest.

10.  The Range will not be responsible for personal property or equipment left on the Range property.

11.  KNOW HOW YOUR FIREARM OPERATES AND BE SURE THE FIREARM AND AMMUNITION ARE COMPATIBLE.  Full AUTO fire is allowed on the Range, but must be controlled at all times all rounds must impact the berm.  All Class 3 and NFA items must be accompanied by the appropriate paperwork.

12.  Police up all TRASH, used TARGETS, SHOTGUN HULLS, and return target stands, Steel Targets and Props to storage areas.  Members may (but are NOT required to) recover their own fired cartridge cases and that of their quests, however, Members MAY NOT scavenge or harvest discarded brass from the ranges.  Members may not remove brass from the range brass barrels.

13. The Pistol Bay is now OFF LIMITS TO ALL SHOTGUNS. 

14.  Tannerite and other such BATFE Exploding targets have the potential to damage the berms and therefore may NOT be used on the Range.

15.  These Rules may be changed or modified by Club Management at any time.  In that event, Members will be notified by email, by posting on the Club webpage and the Range Bulletin board.  Members who object to or disagree with changes or modifications, may withdraw from Club membership and their annual fees will be pro-rated and returned.



         911      WASHINGTON COUNTY EMS


         4601 FM 390 EAST
         BRENHAM, TEXAS 77833


         30 17’5” NORTH 96 24’26” WEST